I am beyond grateful to have found Dr. Lauren Ash. She quietly listened to my all my worries and anxieties. I had mentally prepared myself to be dismissed or told I need to leave well enough alone.

That absolutely did not happen. Dr. Ash wonderfully, kindly, thoughtfully, and patiently explained she understood, gave me several possible approaches to help me and would do her absolute best. Her acknowledgment that I wasn’t asking too much was very comforting. By the time I left her office I knew I had found the correct doctor.

Even with Covid-19 luming, scheduling was a breeze. Surgery day she met with me, and covered what to expect and her warmth and positive attitude put me a ease. I called with a few days post-op with a question and even though her fabulous Nurse, Carla answered my question, she said she would follow up with Dr. Ash. To my surprise Dr. Ash called shortly thereafter, having just finished up with another surgery, to check in and make sure I didn’t have anymore questions.

My post-op appointments were just as kind and attentive as my pre-op, never once did I feel as though I was an inconvience to her. Dr. Ash will be my go to surgeon, should I even be in need of her services again. Thank you Dr. Ash, for giving me my confidence back.

-Emily B

Dr. Ash did a very good job removing my lipoma. I’m finally able to lie flat on my back. The incision is clean and healing well. Staff is friendly and efficient. Wonderful team.

-Angelita D

Dr. Ash is AMAZING! I have never met anyone more kind, more compassionate, more genuine than Dr. Ash. She did a hernia repair surgery for me. When I had to have my gallbladder removed, my wife and I both immediately insisted that only Dr. Ash would do the surgery. She is honest, thorough, and really wanted to make sure that my wife and I were both comfortable with what was going to happen during both procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Ash! She is exactly what professional health care should be! Simply amazing!!!

- Tony S